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January 05, 2016


A Healthy . . . & "yummy" Banana Bar Recipe!

We all start the New Year with several resolutions, the most universal are probably . . . eat better, get a bit more sleep, and exercise regularly....Well, my partners and I here at Lavish Three can't really assist with sleep and exercise, but eating better, well we can try by posting a healthy recipe now and then!

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December 21, 2015


My favorite Christmas tradition . . .

I love beautifully decorated Christmas trees with matching ornaments, but I love our tree more. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is gathering the family, unpacking the ornaments and hanging them on the tree. It’s so special to us because our tree is special.  We chose not to decorate it with carefully matching and beautiful ornaments, but with ornaments that tell the story of our lives together.
This is the ornament that started it all . . .  
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December 14, 2015


Votive holders . . . not just for tea-lights!

Lisa and I fell in love with the rich colors and delicate features of these little glass votives....here are a few of our simple and "bright" ideas ...

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December 08, 2015


Winter's Finest . . . the beauty of gift wrapping

I love to wrap gifts just as much as I love giving them to family and friends! Whether simply wrapped in tissue tied with twine and a fallen leaf, or with fabulous patterned paper accented with an abundance of ribbon . . . I love the look of one's face when presented with a beautifully wrapped gift! 

Now for those of you with small children, (or big), I know that sometimes a plain cardboard box is much more fun to play with than what was inside or how it was wrapped! . . . but for me, there's something "magical" about transforming a plain box or a little treasure into something "extra-ordinary"!

For this Christmas season, with all the festivities and gatherings, consider a few Lavish Three tips for beautifying and adding a touch of "love" to a small treasure, a simple gift or just because . . .

Even $2 tissue paper can look lavish when found in shimmering silver and trimmed with wired ribbon in metallic colors. For added embellishment and sparkle, we tied on a few of our Winter's Finest ornaments from the Tis' the Season collection . . . simple, elegant and absolutely beautiful, these weathered pewter and crystal ornaments can adorn more than just your tree this season!



And for those holiday parties . . . wrap-up a nice bottle of wine, sparkling cider or something bubbly and fun to gift to the host or hostess with one of our jeweled-tone Royal Satin bottle dresses . . . then, select a lavish embellished ornament, The Fleur de Lis  or The Latin Cross  are perfect, just "tie" one on! If not a bottle of bubbly, use the bottle dress and any one of our jeweled ornaments to wrap a few of your gifts this season!



Lavish ornaments will add just the right amount of sparkle and will surely brighten a loved one's holiday . . . find beauty in simply wrapped gifts and keep in mind, "it's not how much we give, but how much we put into giving."   ~ Mother Theresa

lavish love,




November 28, 2015


"Merry Christmas" greetings to all!

Thanks to one of my very best friends, Kim White and her freshly painted red door, we had the perfect backdrop for our charmingly chic country-style "Merry Christmas" greeting sign... View full article →
November 24, 2015

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Go ahead . . . eat dessert first!

My husband Tim often says, "I'm an adult now, I can eat my dessert first!" Yes, you can! Thanksgiving dinner is usually about the turkey . . . my husband's 24 hour brine soaked turkey with whipped herb butter is just heavenly, but when it comes to the desserts, well, that's my department. I love to bake! The smell of Fall desserts with its warm nutmeg, spicy cloves, pumpkin or cinnamon, baked fragrant apples,  . . . mmmmm, it all evokes warmth and comfort for me. View full article →
November 16, 2015


Our Heirloom & Little Treasure Trove frames . . . beautiful gifting ideas!

At Lavish Three we hope to inspire you by sharing a few ideas and tips to help "dress-up" and personalize some of your holiday gifts with our collection of elegant brass and glass frames....adding a touch of simple beauty to the Holidays! View full article →
November 08, 2015


Tis' the Season . . . for decorating, gifting & celebrations !

Welcome to the beautiful season of decorating, gifting and celebrations here
at Lavish Three!  I know how busy this time of year can be . . . the invitations,
the office parties, the stream of friends and neighbors who stop by
with tins of home-baked goodies, and then,
there are the family gatherings!
Well, I may not be able to slow the season down for you,
but I would love to share a few "lavish tips" to help make the season
a bit more beautiful . . . and bright.


Dress up your bottles of bubbly with our Royal Satin bottle dresses, the perfect combination of color, elegance and sophistication for your buffet table. I added just a touch of whimsy by tying one of our Nature's Own mini-gold leaf frames, or, for a bit of holiday glamour, try a few of the Victorian Cross ornaments. You will love these for your own gatherings, or perhaps, it will be the perfect house-warming gift to take along for the host or hostess.

. . . and for the lavish table . . .


Our Nature's Own Pairing gold leaf frames, embellished with charming little birds and butterflies, are the perfect compliment to your holiday table. I purchased a sheet of vintage paper, printed a few initials and added just a little holiday sprig for color. Display with our French Cottage Charger in gilded gold and Lightly Linen napkins.

Just a few ideas for the season . . . we would love to see, post and share some of your tips that help make the holiday beautiful and bright.

lavish love,