April 15, 2017

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Lavish Your Soul ... "HOPE" for Prisoners ~ Marshay's story

In college I met a man who I allowed to become a big influence in my life. We dated for 6 years & 3 years into our relationship he experienced a few challenges & made a decision to go back to the streets & hustle. As much as I cared for him, there was a part of me that knew I should have parted ways with him because we no longer shared the same values. My choice to stay in that relationship led me down a path of prostitution, domestic violence, homelessness, jail & three separate arrests ... View full article →
April 07, 2017

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"The Thief" . . . an Easter story by our friend Karen's father, Karl Ogg

"Look at the people, some are still crying and standing quietly, looking up at him, others are still shouting at him and shaking their fists. What are they saying? You can save others, come down and save yourself, or something like that. Too many are shouting, can’t quite make everything out. Is someone calling him Jesus?... View full article →
April 03, 2017


"Lavish Your Soul" ~ HOPE for Prisoners ... an interview with Chaplain Debbie

Please take a moment to rest your heart, lavish your soul & read a story of HOPE from Debbie Damron, an ordained chaplain with Chaplaincy Nevada. Debbie works with juveniles incarcerated as adults at the Clark County Detention Center, (CCDC) as well as devotes much of her time to help the population that HOPE for Prisoners serves. View full article →
March 17, 2017


Lavish Your Soul ... "HOPE" for Prisoners ~ Marcus' testimony

My name is Marcus Jacquette and I graduated from the HOPE for Prisoners workshop last year. I had recently been released after serving 11 years in prison. I grew up in a single-parent home and my mother worked two jobs to support me and my sister. She worked hard to make sure we didn't want for anything growing up. We were growing up on the streets of Compton and I found myself running the streets at a very young age. I joined the Southside Compton Crips when I was just 14 years old. I began to sell drugs and became more deeply involved in the violent street life ...

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February 20, 2017

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Lavish Your Soul... Jon's story ~ Everything's going to be alright!" Part II

“I was sent to United States Penitentiary Allenwood, a maximum security prison in Pennsylvania,” Jon explains. “I’d been on the wrong side of the law long enough to know that the reality of a maximum security prison was a thousand times worse than it’s portrayed on television. I was in prison with about 950 Muslims. In Prison you have to be affiliated with a group to survive. You can associate yourself with the Crips, the Bloods, the Aryan Nation or whatever, but if you don’t pick one you will face consequences...” View full article →
February 17, 2017


HOPE for Prisoners . . . Jon's story ~ "Everything's going to be all right!" Part I

Lights from the Las Vegas strip shined in the distance as the sound of the helicopter overhead sent Jon Ponder’s beating heart into overdrive. Jon squinted his eyes as flashing police lights flickered and sirens screeched around him. Police dogs barked and officers surrounded his vehicle. “Get out of the driver’s seat!” The thunderous and demanding voice sounded like God to Jon’s flustered brain. Distorted, he climbed out of his car... “Raise your hands! "Get on your knees! "On the ground!” ...

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December 24, 2016


A Christmas story ... "Mary's love for her baby boy" ~ by Karl Ogg

"It was a beautiful day, but not like other days, it was a beautiful summer day. The clouds floated overhead. The sun was warm. A slight breeze carried the sweet small blossoms in the air... Mary enjoyed walking to the well as it gave her time to reflect on her day and her love for God. She was able to enjoy her walk as she visited with friends. She is not aware how this day would change her. This will be a most wonderful day for Mary..." View full article →
December 23, 2016


MERRY Christmas from WHY Ranch .... by Amy Meyer-Terry & a "special" letter from Lauren Sokolowski

"Before I began riding, I was not the best version of myself. I was blindly going through the motions of everyday life...
Wake up
Go to school
Get bullied
...and go home 
Each day blended into the next with seemingly no way out....until I discovered the Ranch! WHY Ranch gave me a reason to get up in the morning..." View full article →
December 08, 2016


Phoebe & Hayden .... A story of love & devotion from the Ranch

I’ve always had a passion for horses and when I was fourteen years old, I met a horse who changed my life. Hayden was a lanky, red-bay, ex-grand prix horse and when I arrived at the barn where I took riding lessons one Sunday in April, I was ecstatic to discover that I would ride him that day. I practically skipped to his paddock and as I haltered him and gazed into his liquid brown eyes, his kind expression melted my heart.
I knew he would be a forever friend... View full article →
November 10, 2016

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"Lavish Your Soul" ~ Veteran's Day...a soldier's letter to his daughters

"It has been four months, eight days, several hours and countless minutes since I left you. I miss holding you in my arms and watching you grow up each day. I wanted to let you know that I am safe. I have brought a little of our memories together with me to keep me sane…. and have named each of my weapons after your favorite Power Puff Girls: Buttercup, Blossom & Bubbles. I know this is unusual, it helps me remember you are with me and that protecting you from the evil in this world is always on my mind..."

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