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Introducing White Horse Youth Ranch . . .

We are thrilled to introduce you to the White Horse Youth Ranch, (WHY Ranch) ....  
our "Lavish Your Heart" nonprofit organization pick of the season! Please join us as Amy and Curtis Terry provide us a glimpse into the gates of their incredible ranch, meet the wonderful staff, volunteers, rescued animals, and most importantly, be sure to visit our "Lavish Your Soul" page and read the inspiring "STORIES" of youths whose lives are being transformed! Beginning July 1st through December 31, 2016, we will joyfully donate a portion of our profits to WHY Ranch ~ so please join us, shop lavishly and share with a friend or two! 
     ~ to learn more about WHY Ranch & their youth programs, click here


Meet Pumpkin! . . . a White Horse Youth Ranch-resident

October 08, 2016

As the early morning sunshine brushes boldly across the green landscape of White Horse Youth Ranch, ranch life awakens to a brand new day!
Pumpkin, one of our rescued & rehabilitated horses begins to Winnie as I approach the turnout. Her mouth starts to water, her nose begins to twitch in anticipation for hay and grains. This is a welcome site … just a few days ago our barn assistant, Phoebe, discovered Pumpkin lying down and rolling in the sand when her Turnout Crew was eating all their dinner....
Lavish Your Soul . . . "HOPE for Hope" by Briana Mackey

September 16, 2016

My sweet girl had become insecure and worried. In her young life, a lot of change had happened that she didn’t choose. There had been a lot of tumult and heartbreak. A child of divorce, Hope felt anxious and vulnerable. Her world had turned upside down, and the very funny and curious girl who once used to pull pranks and run with reckless abandon into every new environment, had become sullen and worried and drawn into herself.