'Rose Garden" canvas trio

Our trio of Rose Garden canvases may not offer fragrance, but their vibrant color and surprising burlap texture will capture your attention and serve as a beautiful reminder to stop and appreciate the moment. As you take in their full blooms, we invite you to consider the fullness of your own life and to accept acknowledgment and praise for the fragrant offering you bring . . .

lavish tip ~ Beautifully displayed as a collection; line them up, cluster them or allow them to find their own unique space, inviting the beauty of a garden indoors . . . a reminder for all to "stop and smell the roses." 


features . . .

This product is a unique "human factor" creation . . . differences in color and finish are characteristics to be acknowledged and appreciated  ~  rarely will two be exact replicas.

  • set of 3
  • prints include:  "French Rose," "Seven Sisters' Rose," & "Provins Royal Rose"
  • measures 8"w x 10.75"h

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