The "Lavish" Planner

The world has made us a busy people! Thankful for the lists, post-it notes and the organizers that keep us where we need to be, when we need to be there. Display a family photo surrounded by important events and noteworthy news, frame a map surrounded by dreams and ideas for the upcoming family vacation, or collect words of encouragement and send our framed planner off to college with your son or daughter . . . personal sentiments will deliver a welcome dose of home in the lonely moments away from family and friends.

Our Lavish Planner combines beauty with structure organized in your own personal way.


features . . .

This product is a unique "human factor" creation . . . differences in color and finish are characteristics to be acknowledged and appreciated  ~  rarely will two be exact replicas.

  • measures 23"w x 18"h 
  • burlap cover, displays a 5"x7" photo
  • displays both horizontal or vertical

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