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"Lavish Your Heart" 2018 ... Introducing Jesus Film Project

WELCOME to 2018!

This year we are thrilled to introduce
our Lavish Community to...
JESUS Film Project,
(a ministry of Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ)
Journey with us & many others whose hearts tug
& long to make Jesus Christ known 
throughout the nations....

the Story begins ...

Years ago ... a young medical team went to work for a summer at a rural medical clinic in the southern African country of Swaziland. The chief of the area, who was a daughter of the king and a member of Parliament, approached the team and asked them,...

You have movie about Jesus?”

When she discovered they did she replied,

Come show my people.”

A few nights later, at the Princess’s rural homestead a couple hundred of her people came out of the bush. The medical team put a sheet over the side of their van, set up a projector, and started the generator and began to show the JESUS film, a 2 hour docu-drama based entirely on the Gospel of Luke, in their own Zulu language.

Although, the Swazi people had known about Jesus for decades, many still followed ethnic religions. The crowd was transfixed as the film began. At the crucifixion scene they began to wail and beat on their chests. They clearly didn’t know the end of the story. As the Resurrection played out on the screen they sat in stunned silence. When they realized that Jesus did rise from the dead, they got up and started dancing, rejoicing that Jesus had died for them. As they danced, tears rolled off their faces. Most of them became true followers of Jesus that night!

The medical team realized that in two short hours this group of animists had gone from confusion about Jesus to true believers in Him. Twenty years later the Princess was the National Prayer Coordinator for Swaziland and still leading her people and walking faithfully with Jesus.

Throughout the last 40 years, this story has played out over and over in every country of the world as people encounter JESUS in their own heart language.

The purpose of JESUS Film Project is to
give every person on earth
an opportunity to have a life-changing encounter
with JESUS in his or her own heart language
and become a life-long follower of Christ.
As of December 31, 2017
there are 1550 translations of the JESUS Film.
It is the most translated film in history.
To date, almost 500 million people have indicated
they have become followers of Jesus
after watching the film.

But we still have a long way to go ...Jesus gave us His Great Commission telling us to go to the nations over 2000 years ago. Yet, today there are probably over 1 billion people in the world who have never heard the name of Jesus. For the first time in history, working together, we now have the technology and resources to reach the people from every language and people and tribe and tongue on earth!

Over the next 12 months ...
we will share with you some more stories
of how the Lord is using the JESUS Film
in amazing ways around the world! 
He is inviting us to be woven even more deeply
into His rescue story to the nations.
Join us as we launch out on this adventure
together with Him!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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A portion of all sales will be joyfully donated to
JESUS Film Project

With your help, whether you purchase
our product or make a direct contribution
through our "Funding" page, together,
we will be able to contribute towards their 
Greatest Opportunities Fund!
(take a peek here)
. your financial donation is tax deductible .
Check-in monthly to see how much
has been raised!
"Be a part of the movement that brings
the greatest story of all time to
everyone, everywhere,
in every language ..."
When people encounter Jesus,
everything changes
~ Lavish Three ~
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Your Soul & Your Home.
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