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Introducing WHY Ranch, our "Lavish" nonprofit organization pick of the season!

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We are thrilled to introduce you to the White Horse Youth Ranch, (WHY Ranch),
our "Lavish Your Heart" nonprofit organization
pick of the season!
Please join us as Amy and Curtis Terry provide us a glimpse into the gates of
their incredible ranch, meet their wonderful staff, volunteers, rescued animals, and
most importantly, the youths who's lives are being transformed!
Beginning July 1st through December 31, 2016,
we will joyfully donate a portion of our proceeds to WHY Ranch . . .
so stop by, get a peek through their gates, read a few inspiring stories,
shop lavishly, and please share with a friend or two!
Every contribution makes a difference!

The White Horse Youth Ranch (WHY Ranch) offers a free horsemanship program for young people who are dealing with a variety of social issues including bullying, divorce, death, Military separation, illness, learning disabilities or difficult home environments.

In our WHY Ranch programs, our youth are able to heal through developing connected relationships with horses. We believe that the mission of White Horse Youth Ranch, (WHY Ranch), is to educate minds, inspire creativity and encourage integrity for the youth of our community through positive interaction with our American living legend - The Horse.

White Horse Youth Ranch is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing a safe place for socially challenged children to experience personal healing through horse “therapy.”

WHY Ranch has been serving the Las Vegas community since 2009. During the past year, WHY Ranch, through its Diamond in the Rough program, worked with 350 families.  At the ranch, every child is seen as a “Diamond in the Rough.” Just like the precious stones which undergo intense pressure to become “polished” and valuable, our “Diamonds in the Roughchildren need “social polishing” of their own to develop self-worth, confidence, empowerment and learning how to respond proactively in various situations.

We believe in treating each child with respect, compassion and love no matter their “social challenge.” We have seen remarkable transformations at the WHY Ranch. Through our dedicated staff, positive peer interactions and time with our horses, children learn to believe in themselves and begin to heal.

The children who come to WHY Ranch are partnered with one of our "redeemed" horses. These horses have been rescued and adopted by the ranch. The program is carefully designed to help children and teenagers build self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, self-worth, compassion and trust through working with one of our gentle horses.  Each time a child comes to work with us at the WHY Ranch, we focus on team building, mutual respect and boundary awareness. We encourage parental participation throughout the activities at WHY Ranch. This bonding opportunity for the child and their parent can provide a positive and constructive platform to overcome adverse situations.

Words from our "Diamonds" . . .

“The WHY Ranch gave Sara an opportunity to create her own space where her relationship with a horse is the most important thing. She started the program a bit shy and scared, but she’s developed confidence, connection and responsibility! The most important thing she’s learned is that she already has the courage to be what she wants in life.”
~ Linda, "Diamond In The Rough" Sara’s mom

“The WHY Ranch has had a huge impact on my life! In the beginning, I was shy and easily irritated by things, especially other kids. But I changed after seeing how other kids pushed through their struggles and connected with the horses. Not only was I able to reconnect with a huge part of my past, but I also discovered more about me! With the patience and understanding of everyone around me and from the horses too, I pushed down my barriers. From when we were learning the groundwork of the horse to the moment we were trotting them, the experience was amazing! This program has been life changing for me and something I would recommend to others!”   
~ Cheyenne, former Diamond and Peer Leader


* about Amy Meyer-Terry, Founder & President of WHY Ranch

Amy Meyer-Terry, transplant from Southern Illinois, has made her home in Las Vegas since 1993.  She quickly created a family foundation with her aunt Pauline & grandparents, The Paul E & Helen S Meyer Foundation in which she has been President of since 1999.  Amy dedicated 12 years of her life to her family & with Philanthropy in her blood Amy founded the White Horse Youth Ranch (WHY Ranch) in 2005 after the death of her last relative living in Las Vegas. 

Amy met her current husband & forever love, Curtis Terry on match.com just before he returned home from Afghanistan in 2012.  Curtis had his own dreams of changing the lives of vulnerable youth & embraced the passion for empowering socially-challenged youth & their families through working with horses, bunnies, chickens & goats. Amy & Curtis reside as property managers of WHY Ranch in it’s new South-West Las Vegas location taking care of all the rescued, redeemed & rehabilitated animals. Both of her step-daughters, Caitlin, who works for WHY Ranch & Madeline, assist the couple with caring for the animals & being peers to the socially-challenged youth who benefit from the “Diamonds in the Rough” program.

* to learn more about WHY Ranch & their youth programs,
please visit here & join their social media
~ Lavish Three ~
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Patricia Schneck
Patricia Schneck

July 01, 2016

Thank you for picking the WHY Ranch. It’s a wonderful choice.

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