Classic "Country-squeezed" glass juicer

When the season smells sweet and the fruit is ripe, there's nothing like enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed juice on your front porch. Our classic pressed glass "Country-squeezed" juicer makes fast work of squeezing lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruits ... it couldn't be healthier and simple to use!


features . . .

This product is a unique "human factor" creation . . . differences in color and finish are characteristics to be acknowledged & appreciated  ~  rarely will two be exact replicas.

  • includes glass measuring cup & glass juicer
  • measures approximately 6.5" high
  • lip for easy pour
  • automatically strains out seeds & pith
  • ridged cone extracts juice from pulp
  • dishwasher safe ~ hand wash recommended

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