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"EVERY TIME YOU BLINK" ~ children's book

For the month of April, our guest "stories" writer, Keithlee Magness-Logan, wrote about her wonderful, loving "mama" . . . this little children's book, written & illustrated by her "God-sister," Camden, is dedicated to the memory of Keithlee's mother, Debbie Magness, who passed suddenly July 10, 2015.

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We are honored to offer this charming little children's book that lets children know that although someone they love has passed, they will always be with them . . . "every time they blink."

Through the generosity of the Dunning family, all proceeds, excluding shipping costs, will be joyfully donated to this season's nonprofit organization, The Renewing Life Center ~ a center that provides "compassionate counseling & care to individuals, couples & families."

To find out how this little book came to be . . . please take a moment to read from Camden's own words ~

“Never in my life have I felt this kind of loss. So sudden, such deep pain, aching to comfort my friends whose pain I truly couldn't imagine. Like everyone, I wanted to do anything at all I could to help in any way possible. My siblings and I were "on call" all day from our parents, who had basically taken up residence at The Magness home. We jumped at any opportunity we had to bring food, diapers, etc. And yet, every night I lay in bed racking my brain thinking of something more I could do. 

And then one of those nights, it came. It was like no other feeling I've ever had before. I felt immediately consumed with words and physically pulled out of bed to find the nearest pen and paper. As I wrote the letters (starting with the title) that became words and then sentences, I was reading for the first time what seemed like a message. Not for me, but for the five little ones who had lost their incredibly beloved, "Mimi." 

It was the middle of the night when the jolt came to scribble down the words and just minutes later when the illustrations came. They came easier and faster than anything I had ever done before. There was no re-thinking any bit of it. Every word and picture in the book today is exactly as it came out the first time. No editing needed, which for me, was a first.

I called my mom the next morning and told her what had happened. She wasn't surprised one bit. She and I both knew. It was Debbie. To this day I have a hard time seeing my name on the book as the author and illustrator. I truly feel like I can't take credit for this. I'm so honored she gave me the words to translate to paper and the images to trace in order to create what has been a selfishly healing experience for me and can hopefully give peace and understanding that she's always with us to everyone who reads its pages.”

~ about the author

Camden Dunning is a gifted, creative & wonderfully talented writer & illustrator. She is a mother to a sweet little daughter, Marnie & wife of 10 years to a wonderful man, David Bowman. She treasures time with her family & growing in her walk with the Lord. Camden & her family reside in Oklahoma City, OK.

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