December 08, 2015


Winter's Finest . . . the beauty of gift wrapping

I love to wrap gifts just as much as I love giving them to family and friends! Whether simply wrapped in tissue tied with twine and a fallen leaf, or with fabulous patterned paper accented with an abundance of ribbon . . . I love the look of one's face when presented with a beautifully wrapped gift! 

Now for those of you with small children, (or big), I know that sometimes a plain cardboard box is much more fun to play with than what was inside or how it was wrapped! . . . but for me, there's something "magical" about transforming a plain box or a little treasure into something "extra-ordinary"!

For this Christmas season, with all the festivities and gatherings, consider a few Lavish Three tips for beautifying and adding a touch of "love" to a small treasure, a simple gift or just because . . .

Even $2 tissue paper can look lavish when found in shimmering silver and trimmed with wired ribbon in metallic colors. For added embellishment and sparkle, we tied on a few of our Winter's Finest ornaments from the Tis' the Season collection . . . simple, elegant and absolutely beautiful, these weathered pewter and crystal ornaments can adorn more than just your tree this season!



And for those holiday parties . . . wrap-up a nice bottle of wine, sparkling cider or something bubbly and fun to gift to the host or hostess with one of our jeweled-tone Royal Satin bottle dresses . . . then, select a lavish embellished ornament, The Fleur de Lis  or The Latin Cross  are perfect, just "tie" one on! If not a bottle of bubbly, use the bottle dress and any one of our jeweled ornaments to wrap a few of your gifts this season!



Lavish ornaments will add just the right amount of sparkle and will surely brighten a loved one's holiday . . . find beauty in simply wrapped gifts and keep in mind, "it's not how much we give, but how much we put into giving."   ~ Mother Theresa

lavish love,




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