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December 14, 2015


Votive holders . . . not just for tea-lights!

A few "bright" ideas for our Lavish votive holders . . .

Lisa and I fell in love with the rich colors and delicate features of these Emerald Vintage and Patina mini-votive holder sets! We envisioned them casting a shimmering glow scattered across a long buffet table at a holiday gathering, or illuminating a small space in a powder room or sleeping sanctuary.        

With their lovely colors and designs, our lavish votive holders really can rest anywhere in your home! For the holidays and the many gatherings accompanied with the season, we decided to share a few of our "lavish" tips . . . these votive holders are not just for tea-lights!

Bring a bit of the outdoors in this winter . . . we live in the desert so my pyracantha vines turn its white Summer blossoms into olive-green colored berries in the Fall, then to vibrant red berries during the Winter ~ perfect for snipping and displaying in our lavish Emerald Vintage votive holder. 

. . . and for our Patina Mini-votive set, we added a few snips of my scarlet-red carpet mini-roses . . . you may also consider inserting one with a cupcake paper liner and tossing in a few nuts, mints or candies and strategically placing throughout your home for your family and guests to enjoy! If you live where you can't bring your garden in, consider, a few fresh cut florals from your neighborhood grocery store or even artificial ones can bring a touch of the outdoors in!

Have fun, be courageously creative! We would love to see what you do with our votive holders this season ... so don't forget to share your ideas and pictures on our blog so we can share, post and inspire others !

lavish love,
Laurel & Lisa 

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