November 28, 2015


"Merry Christmas" greetings to all!

Thanks to one of my very best friends, Kim White and her freshly painted fabulous red door, we had the perfect backdrop for our "Merry Christmas" greeting sign!

. . . but by now you know . . . as charming and country chic as this sign is on Kim's beautiful candy-red door, Lisa and I just couldn't resist adding a "lavish" touch with a spool of holiday plaid ribbon, a pinecone and spruce sprig.

We found this classic Christmas plaid wired ribbon at Michael's hobby and craft store along with the pinecone and spruce sprig. Our "Merry Christmas" greeting displays with jute twine which is included, so tying on our ribbon, a festive sprig and hanging was pretty easy. Several simple embellishments will help usher this little sign right into the spirit of the season!

Whether displayed inside your home or on your front door, your family, friends and neighbors will feel welcome with its "merry" message and timeless holiday decoration.

. . . to ALL !

lavish love,

Laurel, Tammy & Lisa

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