May 17, 2016


wedding BLISS . . . a few "lavish" gifts

"LOVE" is in the air . . . .  

~ lavish wedding gifts for the Happy couple ~



 "tying the knot" frame

Come rain or shine, for better or worse, 
from this day forward,
you'll never be alone . . . for
"two are better than one."

"of all the walks . . ." frame

Our big sensitive hearts couldn’t resist this bridal frame.
Of all the walks . . . how's a girl to choose her "favorite?
Up the aisle on Daddy's arm or
hand-in-hand with her Beloved.


"Mr. & Mrs." pillows

One year ~ fifty years ~ a lifetime
Celebrate that special day with a declaration;
 for few things are more precious than
the one you love.

"LOVE" . . . is the greatest!

We joyfully donate a portion of our proceeds each season to a nonprofit.
Visit our Lavish "Your Heart" page to read more about this season's organization,
The Renewing Life Center.

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