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March 07, 2016


Lavish Living . . . capture & share the "Good News" this Easter!

Our "Rustic Elegance frames," perfect for your family photos, however, this month we added just a little personal touch in celebration of Easter . . . but we think you'll keep these rustic beauties displayed all year long!

Capture this look & share the "good news" ~ here are a few simple DIYs 


1.   pages from an old bible, book or printed paper from your local craft store
2.   a calligraphy pen ~ for the above look, I used my Faber-Castell artist pen which most hobby/craft stores carry . . . or if your handwriting could use some help, try a stencil or two
1.   for "frayed-rough" edges, instead of scissors, slowly tear the edges of your paper - you can also hold the glass from the frame onto your paper & tear the paper along the glass edges
2.   1 Corinthians 13:13 ~ one of our favorite scriptures, we chose to just write one word per frame; "faith, hope, love" . . .


*   *   *   *   *   *
Our  brass & glass "Heirloom" & "Turn of the Century" frame collections will add
warmth & old-world charm to any environment.
Capture favorite scriptures, quotes, poems, mementos or a few lovely florals
from the garden ~ read how below ...

1.   printed or watercolor paper, water colors, paintbrush, favorite colored markers/pens, moist tea bag (black tea - I used Earl Grey)
1.   follow step #1 from above to "fray" edges of paper
2.   lightly add watercolor paint with a paintbrush & gently brush your paper, let dry & repeat to get desired hue depth ... or, use a moisten tea bag & just dab gently, let dry & repeat to darken

3.   when paper is thoroughly dry, write your favorite scripture, quote, poem or sayings & place in frame

*   *   *   *   *   *

Step outside your box, take courageous steps in creativity & invite beauty in a whole new way!
We offer you creative license & anticipate the lovely ideas & practices you will share for us to post for others ~ awaken your creative gift & be lavishly courageous!  
Capture the "good news" of Easter,
Laurel . Tammy . Lisa




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